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Pop-up Playground Adventures

Editors note: This blog was written by one of Play Outside NS’s most important teams members, Jane Cawley. Jane is a retired Early Childhood Educator and former Director of the Nova Scotia College of Early Childhood Education. Jane not only has many years of… Continue Reading “Pop-up Playground Adventures”

In Praise of Loose Parts

Editor’s note – this is a revised version of a blog post originally published in PlayGroundology in 2014. It speaks to a study led by Dr. Brendon Hyndman on the introduction of loose parts at an Australian primary school. Canadian research teams are making… Continue Reading “In Praise of Loose Parts”

Welcome to Play Outside NS

Play Outside NS publishes the latest on the activities and research of Dalhousie University’s PLEY (Physical Literacy in the Early Years) project. Readers will also be able to check in on great Nova Scotia play stories, get insights on children’s play from across the… Continue Reading “Welcome to Play Outside NS”

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