Risk, Resilience, and the Renaissance of Play

Editors note: Dr. Mariana Brussoni, internationally renowned risky play researcher, led a keynote lecture at Dalhousie’s University Club for the third installment of the #SummerofPLEY series.

Dalhousie’s PLEY Project hosted a keynote lecture with University of British Columbia researcher, Dr.Mariana Brussoni. Dr. Brussoni’s research focuses on the importance of outdoor risky play for children’s healthy development, and how built outdoor environment impacts children’s play. 

We had another great turnout at this event with academics, community members, early childhood educators, and students learning about the importance of risky, outdoor play for our children and how best to support it.

We are so lucky to have had the chance to learn from Dr. Brussoni, please share this video and help us promote the importance of risky, outdoor play!

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